Monday, April 21, 2008

Special Trains

There are few special trains in Inidia:
These trains runs from various states, usually from thier capitals to the national capital - New Delhi.
Interesting fact about shatabdi trains:
This trains do come back to thier originating station the same day.
Thus shatabdi runs for short distance and within day time. It does not run in the night!!

Garib Rath - Started recently, a few years back. (In 2005 by Mr. Lalu Prasad)
The basic idea in introducing this trains is make Air Conditioning travel cheaper. And thus to make it affordable to the lower section of passengers.

Some pointers:
  • Takal on Garib Rath works in the same way as other trains. So all same rule implies. Also the chrages are same as other train Tatkal schemes, which is Rs. 300 for 2nd AC and 200 for 3rd AC.
  • There are currently 12 Garib Raths running accross India. Get a complete list of these trains and thier schedule on the following link:
  • No document, or proof of income is required to get this ticket. Just mentioned because have heard some people doubting if Garib rath is actually meant for the garibs only (poor people). It is indeed proving to me more popular among the middle class :)
  • The structure of the coaches were chnaged by the introduction of this trains. There are now nine berts in a coupe. The railways have added an extra berth in the middle at the side. This is in between Side Lower (SL) and Side Upper (SU) and is known as Side Middle (SM). Now this concept is gradualy being spread among 3rd AC coaches of few other trains as well.
  • Garib Rath trains don't have RAC tickets!! This is because as mentioned above they have 3 berths in the side as well. Thus the logistics does not allow it to have RAC quota.
  • The Garib Rath's are supposed to be very fast (only slightly slower than Rajdhanis) yet they'rTe priced at 40% less than other trains.
  • The capacity of the coaches in these trains is also slightly more. They have 80 seats in 3rd Ac and 104 in Chair Car - CC.

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